Swift Profound Change
November 25, 2019

As an intuitive therapist, I help clients heal childhood and past lives. I am able to accomplish in a session or two, what would take months to complete in traditional therapy. By being able to access the route cause the client is able to release the memory at a cellular level. I feel that it is a gift to do this work with clients. Accessing past lives continues to have profound effects on clients I work with. I am so grateful for this ability to help them through these experiences.

A client, who I will call Mary, came to see me, as she had no direction in her life. She was lonely and suffered from low self worth. When questioned about her desire to be alive, she cited that she wanted to be with loved ones that had passed. She was stuck in her grief and loss. In one session she was able to release the desire to die. She was able to begin to find purpose again in her life. She realized that she is never alone. The universe/God is always with her. In a subsequent session, she made a decision to go back to school to start a new career. She was able to restore that sense of purpose in her life. She began to find meaning in her present relationships with friends.

That is the power of healing work that extends beyond traditional therapy. It is not necessarily right for everyone. I began my own spiritual journey and healing in traditional therapy and subsequently shifted beyond to energy healing and accessing past lives that kept me stuck. My life changed dramatically through the healing work. I encourage anyone along this similar path to reach out at 561-714-1028, or email carlamul@aol.com and experience a session.

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