“Alcoholism” a Progressive Disease

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June 10, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Alcoholism has been proven to be a progressive disease. People drink for years without suffering the major debilitating effects associated with it. Yet, alcohol affects the brain, blood, heart and liver. However, over time, a person starts to develop what they call tolerance, (more alcohol is required to experience the same high). Substance Abuse increases and the alcoholic thinks that it is a good thing. She can drink you all under the table, like it is a rite of passage to able to drink more and more and more like a bottomless pit. Many introduce drugs to increase the affects of the high. Alcoholics and addicts are always trying to “catch their high”. Alcohol is a depressant. Adding in an opiate can increase the effects of the alcohol. In order to keep drinking for the duration of the night, what is known as the 1-1 principle, a stimulant like cocaine is introduced.

However, what they are experiencing is what is termed “the progression” of the disease of alcoholism. This is the nature of the disease. I recall years ago, a client informed me that he meant to have a couple of drinks one day. Awakening from a blackout, he landed up in a different city two days later. He did not mean to drink excessively, nor black out. He was confused and disoriented by his behavior. He questioned how could this have happened to him. He was completed perplexed. By the way, this client entered treatment and was clean and sober for over 35 years before dying of lung cancer. He devoted the rest of his life helping others as a proud member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He set an example that sobriety works. If you or a loved one is suffering, contact me at 561-714-1028 or email me at carlamul@aol.com

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