Warning Signs of Alcoholism
May 24, 2019
Progression and Recovery of the Alcoholic
May 26, 2019

Alcoholism is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Genetics and familial predisposition play a factor. There is a one in two chance of an individual becoming an alcohol/addict in such families. There is a one in four likelihood for the rest of the population. There is a fine line between substance abuse to dependency. It is what is called a “slippery slope.

The disease of addiction follows a progression, a crucial phase and a chronic phase.

In the progression stage there are signs and symptoms of:

  • Occasional relief drinking.
  • Constant relief drinking commences.
  • Increase in Alcohol tolerance.
  • Onset of memory blackouts.
  • Urgency of first drinks.
  • Surreptitious drinking.
  • Feelings of guilt.
  • Increasing dependence on Alcohol.
  • Memory blackouts increase.
  • Unable to discuss problem
  • Drinking bolstered with excuses
  • Decrease ability to stop drinking when others do so
  • Grandiose and aggressive behavior
  • Persistent remorse
  • Efforts to control fail repeatedly
  • Promises and resolutions fail
  • Tries geographical escapes
  • Loss of other interests
  • Family and friends avoided
  • Work and money troubles
  • Loss of ordinary will power
  •  Unreasonable resentments
  • tremors and early morning drinks
  • neglect of food
  • decrease in alcohol tolerance
  • physical deterioration
  •  onset of lengthy intoxications
  • moral deterioration
  • impaired thinking
  • drinking with inferiors
  • indefinable fears
  • unable to initiate action
  • obsession with drinking
  • vague spiritual desires
  • all alibis exhausted
  • complete defeat admitted
  • obsession in drinking continues in vicious circles.

Prior to the alcoholic/addict reaching out for help, they may need to follow this path to the point of “hitting a bottom”.  

Each person’s bottom may be different.

A DUI to alcohol poisoning to a drug overdose.

If you or someone you love may be suffering with alcohol and/or drug addiction, please contact me at 561-714-1028 or email me at carlamul@aol.com.

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