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Carla has helped me to truly understand and become more in tune to humanity, my spirituality, and my emotions. She has helped me to create a purer and higher spiritual level which in turn has helped me to learn how to use that to express and receive love.

Carla is an consummate professional and a gentle spirit. With her intelligence, spiritual presence, and emotional support, she creates a comfortable place to experience inner growth. I love Carla as a person and love all that she has done for me. Thanks for always bringing a light and peace to my life.

Grace, peace, and ease,

Rob P.


After many years of being stuck in a mindset that nothing or no one could help me, I was introduced to Carla, who has miraculously helped me to discover and be at peace with myself.

I have since moved back to England, and continue to receive therapy from Carla by phone, because she is irreplaceable. She empowers me and gives me hope. She is a lifeline.

I am 58 yrs. old coming to terms with divorce, low self esteem, and alcoholism.

With much love,

Diane B.


I have learned the most important lesson from Carla Mullin - how to nurture my spirituality. She has also helped me realize my dreams and goals by encouraging me to work on issues such as inner child, abandonment, relationships, and boundaries. She has never done the therapeutic work for me but instead lovingly and passionately supports my desire to grow as a spiritual being. Carla is by far the best therapist I have ever had.

Aimee B.

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