Incorporating Energy Healing into my Psychotherapy Practice

Disease of Denial
June 4, 2019
Reiki Healing
June 10, 2019

I began incorporating energy healing into my psychotherapy practice 12-15 years ago. I felt this calling to do “hands on healing” work (as I called it for lack of a better term in those days). It was a profound spiritual experience for me. It was as if I was being called to do this work. I realized that I had always wanted to be a healer of sorts. I thought that meant counseling clients. I did not know at that juncture, it would expand into combining counseling, energy healing and other modalities of clearing negative energy within the mind, body and spirit.

 I was not exactly aware of what I was doing. However, I was totally comfortable with this ability. I would ask clients if they would be willing to be my guinea pigs and allow me to place my hands on the crown of their head.  I was intuitively confident that this practice was helping clients heal and de-stress. It was a spiritual evolution for me, which led me to study Reiki with a wonderful intuitive Reiki Master. She was aware of my intuitive abilities and attuned me to the Reiki symbols and practices over a span of 3 years. Each attunement increased the energy flow in my hands as well as enhanced my intuitiveness. Clients mentioned to me that they could feel the increase in energy in my hands with each attunement.

I continue to rely on my intuition in my practice.

Reiki has many benefits. It promotes personal awareness, helps meditative states, adapts to the needs of the recipient, enhances spiritual connection, fosters natural self healing, relaxes and reduces stress, balances energies in the body, relieves pain and discomfort.

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