Letting Go of an Unhealthy Relationship

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June 28, 2019
Disease of the Mind
November 20, 2019

Letting go of an unhealthy relationship is difficult. How many times have you said that you are done with a relationship, felt a fleeting moment of relief when it was over? Unfortunately, that reprieve was short lived, only to be followed by angst, fear of abandonment or being “left”, and/or grief. These emotions became so intense and uncomfortable in the body that all reason went out the window, only to be followed by “I need to text or call this person, it wasn’t so bad, my life was better with this person than without this person, I need to go back to the relationship”. Does any of this sound familiar?

Letting go of a relationship brings up not only the pain of the present relationship, but also all prior relationships, including one’s childhood and family of origin. It brings up old patterns of low self-esteem, low self worth and feelings of “not good enough”. It is as if all the work you may have done on yourself to achieve empowerment, self-esteem, etc. never existed. All that appears left is an empty shell.

These are the distortion of perceptions that ensue following a break-up.  Do not berate yourself. This is common. Recently, I have been working with several clients who ended relationships only to have second- guessed their decisions after it was over. They were depressed, tearful, stated that they were sleepless, either were unable to eat or were overeating. Each of them questioned if there was something wrong with them.  Through processing and letting go these distorted emotions, through experiential and energy healing techniques, they were able to finally relax and felt confident of their decisions. If you are or someone you know is trying to end an unhealthy relationship, please contact me at 561-714-1028 or carlamul@aol.com.

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