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June 14, 2019
Holistic Health and Practices
June 18, 2019

NUTRITION plays an important role in one’s, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. There are many teachers and coaches today preaching about plant based nutrition, investing in your health, moving, managing stress, and adequate sleep. The power of lifestyle is no longer an option. With increased exposure to toxic food, pesticides, fertilizers, and so on, trying to eat nutritionally and live a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly more difficult. Why are more and more people being diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Epstein Barr, numerous intestinal illnesses, heart disease, liver disease and so many more illnesses? It is as if our bodies are being attacked by our food and environment.

Over 30 years ago, after undergoing an extensive hernia repair, which included plastic mesh to replace my entire abdominal wall, my body reacted to the plastic mesh. I began manifesting physical symptoms of extreme fatigue, swollen glands, foggy thinking, environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities, low thyroid, sensitivity to lights, etc., etc., etc.,. I felt like “the boy who lived in the bubble”. I could not fill my gas tank, clean my house, put the dishwasher on. Everything triggered symptoms. After months of seeking out help from the medical community, none of the physicians were able to find out what was wrong with me. They claimed I had a “yuppy disease”, that it was all in my head. There was even an article in Time magazine written about this.  The medical community failed me when I needed their help the most.  Inadequate nutritional education is being offered in medical schools around the country even today. It is appalling and something needs to change. Patients like myself are seeking out alternative healing modalities to find solutions and healing ourselves.

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