Progression and Recovery of the Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a Disease
May 25, 2019
Disease of Addiction
June 2, 2019

The progression and recovery of the Alcoholic in the disease of Alcoholism:

Alcoholism begins with a progressive phase, then moves to a crucial phase, and finally to a chronic phase where drinking and/or using is obsessive. It is at this phase that all “alibis” are exhausted and complete defeat may be admitted.

  • Rehabilitation commences: with an honest desire for help:
  • learns alcoholism is an illness.
  • Told addiction can be arrested.
  • Stops taking alcohol.
  • Meets normal and happy former addicts.
  • Takes stock of self.
  • Right thinking begins.
  • Spiritual needs examined.
  • Physical overhaul by doctor.
  • Onset of new hope.
  • Start group therapy.
  • Appreciation of possibilities of new way of life.
  • Regular nourishment taken.
  • Diminishing fears of the unknown future.
  • Natural rest and sleep.
  • Desire to escape goes.
  • Family and friends appreciate efforts.
  • Adjustment to family need.
  • New circle of stable friends.
  • New interests develop.
  • Facts faced with courage.
  • Rebirth of ideals.
  • Increase of emotional control.
  • Appreciation of real.
  • First steps toward economic stability.
  • Confidence
  • Care of personal appearance.
  • Contentment increases.
  • Rationalizations recognized.
  • Increasing tools.
  • Group therapy and mutual help continue.
  • Enlightened and interesting life opens up with road ahead towards higher levels than ever before.

Rehabilitation leads to recovery. Recovery can be accessed.

The path to recovery is a process. Once detox is completed, and the fog begins to clear, one’s outlook toward self and life alters. Openness and willingness become the essential ingredients for change. Treatment is an opportunity to learn about the disease of addiction and to heal and grow. Newfound appreciation for being alive is recognized. Fears begin to diminish. Making the most of the experience will have profound impact on recovery.  Serenity is accessed.

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