Disease of the Mind
November 20, 2019
Accessing the Route Cause
November 28, 2019

I feel that I am a conduit in a client’s process. What piece of work needs to be addressed in a session is revealed to me as well as the modalities that need to be implemented. I am never certain as to the outcome of the work. Leaving that up to the universe as well as the client’s highest good generates the most positive outcomes. It is very rewarding watching clients leave the office feeling lighter and having a new lease on life. I am continually grateful for the clients and spirit guides who I cross paths with.

The work I do with clients bring about swift profound change. One of my clients in the process of experiencing a major transformation came in for a couple of sessions. Initially, she had come to see me on a weekly basis for approximately a year or so. She is highly intuitive. The progress that was made over that year was transforming. I honor her courage and stamina.

Since then she calls me on a needed basis. It may be a few times a year. Recently, when she contacted me I was acutely aware that it was time to do some healing. Within a two-week period, she cancelled her session on two occasions. Part of me wanted to call her on it, but my higher self thankfully dominates the decisions I make professionally. In allowing her to make that judgment call, I was empowering her. In all other areas of her life at that time, she felt disempowered by everyone she communicated with. Two weeks later she came in to “restore” her mind, body and spirit (as she put it). The work we did released an early childhood trauma.

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